Thursday, December 30, 2010

Fine Chemicals

There are many fine chemicals and usage of these fine chemicals depends on their needs and requirements. All fine chemicals are supplied through B2B channels. These fine chemicals are very expensive and these fine chemicals are used by many industries. Fine chemicals are several. Examples of fine chemicals are: adhesives & sealants, acrylic adhesives, adhesives & sealants, adhesives & sealants for transportation, construction adhesives & sealants, epoxy adhesives, fiber & garment adhesives, footwear & leather adhesives, hot melt adhesives, packing adhesives, silicone sealants, woodworking adhesives agrochemicals, agrochemical intermediates, agrochemicals & pesticides products, fertilizer catalysts & Biological Fertilizer, activated carbon, adsorbent, carbon black, catalysts, chemical auxiliary agent, coating auxiliary agents, electronics chemicals, leather auxiliary agents, molecular sieve, paper chemicals, petroleum additives, plastic auxiliary agents, rubber auxiliary agents, silica gel, surfactants, textile auxiliary agents, water treatment chemicals, daily chemicals, air fresheners, cosmetic raw materials, daily chemicals, detergent, detergent raw materials, hair care chemicals, oral care chemicals flavors & fragrances, Plant Food & feed additives, Biological Pesticide, food additive products, organic intermediates, agrochemical intermediates, dyestuff intermediates, flavor & fragrance intermediates, fungicide, pharmaceutical intermediates, syntheses material intermediates, other fine chemicals, chemical reagent products, Herbicide, extract chemicals, printing inks, paint & coatings, appliance paint, boat paint, building coating, car paint, electrical insulating varnish, furniture paint, paint & coating, paper coating, plastic coating, powder coating, road marking paint, rubber coating, pharmaceutical chemicals, amino acids and coenzymes, anesthetic agents, animal pharmaceuticals, anti-allergic agents, antibiotic and antimicrobial agents, antidotes, antineoplastic agents, antiparasitic agents, antipyretic analgesics and nsaids, auxiliaries and other medicinal chemicals, blood system agents, cardiovascular agents, central nervous system agents, disinfectant and preservatives, electrolyte balance and dialysis agents, endocrine system agents, gastrointestinal agents, herbal extract, immune function agents, pharmaceutical, pharmaceutical intermed, respiratory system agents, urinary system agents, vitamins, pigment & dyestuff, and dyestuff intermediates and pigment & dyestuff polymers etc. 

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